About this site

Hello – various people have been saying for a while that I should have something on the web about some of the art I discover – here it is! While I am  around and  about looking for paintings I often buy purely on instinct –  signatures , titles and other information can be  hidden or indistinct, or under years of accumulated grime or neglect. What I am always looking for is quality and individuality in an artwork – something indefinable that grabs my attention. If I think a painting warrants the attention I will spend a great deal of time researching – it can be very enjoyable – or totally frustrating!

You will not find any stories of undiscovered Van Goghs  or  Rembrandts  here, my interest is mainly in the lesser known but extremely skilled artists of the 19th and 20th centuries – many of whom are relatively neglected and undervalued -this art is still affordable and represents an excellent investment.  Often  research can uncover surprising and interesting details of their lives and the world they knew which can only add to our appreciation.

There are many cases where I initially make very little headway, excellent paintings with no provenance or other clues, but sometimes information comes from unexpected sources, for example  some people researching their ancestors have found an artist in the family, and may well know much more than in official records. I have often sold paintings to descendants who have been delighted to have a painting by a great, great Grandfather or other ancestor!

Have a look and I hope you enjoy!